FAQ English

What is the Q-Pen?
The Q-Pen (Quick-Pen) is a color pen for furniture. It consists of a bottle of 10 mL color. The hue of the color is adapted for the corresponding piece of furniture.

Why is the Q-Pen?
We bought our kitchen in 2011 and built in early 2012. It was a mishap. A scratch front right at the drawer. As there was no matching paint pencil or correction pen until this time, we decided to find the right color. That was white for our kitchen in STAT. Later came our bedroom in BIRKELAND white and the guest room with HEMNES white. For example, a whole series of varnish pens has emerged from a scratch in our kitchen for many furniture manufacturers.

What is delivered?
An oxygen-tight glass bottle with integrated brush for quick and easy application.

How long does the color last?
The color is premium color with a very high pigment content. The ink retains its color in the oxygen-tight glass bottle for up to 5 years. This color retains its color fastness over a very long period of time, no color fading.

How do I apply the color, how is the application?
Clean the surface around the scratch. No dust, no grease and no particles should be there. Shake the bottle very well (at least 2 minutes). Open the screw cap and carefully apply with the integrated brush. If necessary, remove some paint from the bottle edge to create small color surfaces. Repeat as required.

How do I get the painted surface smooth?
For a pleasantly smooth surface it is recommended to regrind with very fine abrasives. This includes toothpaste and dentist. We will test further products in the future.

How long does delivery take?
The average delivery time is:    United Kingdom, USA     3 - 4 days, Australia    7 week